Are Lawn Bowls Size 0 for Beginners?

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Lawn Bowls Size 0
BY Hamish ON 18 Apr 2022

Are Lawn Bowls Size 0 for Beginners?

Bowling is a fun recreational sport you can play during the weekend. Whether you’re learning to play with friends or competitively, you need to learn how to play well if you want to win. Don’t rely on beginners’ luck; read on for bowling tips on picking the right lawn bowls.

Choosing the Right Lawn Bowl As A Beginner

How do you pick the right lawn bowl for a good chance of winning your bowling game? Beginners tend to go after weight and colour, but it is important to consider the bowl size first. Standard bowl sizes start from 00 and go up to 6. Although some sizes are said to be more suited to males or females, a smart way to pick the right one would be to try all sizes for the perfect fit.

When trying out the lawn bowls, observe for finger placement. Wrap both of your hands around the centre of the streamlined surface. If your thumbs are touching and your middle fingers are close to another, it’s probably the right one. Other things to observe are your comfort and grip. You’re good to go if you can easily hold out the bowl in front of you for half a minute and maintain your grip when you take a swing.


As a beginner, it is more cost-effective to purchase a second-hand bowl, saving you up to $100. Lawn bowls size 0 are one of the lawn bowls recommended for women, but it doesn’t mean it is gender-specific. If that’s what you’re more comfortable with, go for it. Remember to pick out something that suits you.