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The Scottish Borders stretches from the rolling hills and moorland in the west, through gentler valleys to the high agricultural plains of the east, and on to the rocky Berwickshire coastline with its secluded coves and picturesque fishing villages. In total the area covers about eighteen hundred square miles.

Historically, the name Scottish Borders designated the entire border region of southern Scotland and, together with neighbouring areas of England, was part of the historical Borders region.

Scottish Borders is bordered by Dumfries and Galloway in the west, South Lanarkshire and West Lothian in the north west, City of Edinburgh to the north; and the English counties of Northumberland and Cumbria to the south and east.

We own a unique collection of prestigious health, leisure and sports clubs in West Glasgow.
The Clubs are highly individual, deeply resourced and reflect our founding principle: to provide the highest standard of facilities and services to our members.

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The jewel in the town crown is perhaps the French-style cobbled square. Situated around the town square is a selection of fine retail outlets, both national and local privately owned, where any visitor could buy the perfect gift for their loved ones back home.

The Park Club is the ultimate health, fitness sports and relaxation club for the whole family. This West Glasgow club is set in 27 acres of beautifully maintained grounds, courts, terraces and gardens. It also features a fully equipped gymnasium, luxurious pool as well as a varied array of fitness activites, treatments and more.

We are very grateful to the Scottish Brigade for giving us the opportunity to participate in an event that introduces a number of these skills without any adverse impact on their general fitness. Indeed the young athletes were so comfortable throughout the event they even managed to play football before the start, swimming in a nearby river at both the campsite and the finish.

Other past events include the Honda Gold Wing Convention, the World Citroen 2CV convention which saw over 1500 2CV cars visit Kelso and stay in the grounds of Floors Castle.

The athletes themselves learn to come out of their comfort zones when it comes to attitude, commitment and effort and indeed realise that regular club training nights and races are not as hard as they initially thought and are in fact well within their capabilities. 

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