Hounds Tooth Black & White Padded Bag

Hounds Tooth Black & White Padded Bag
Categories: Bowling, Bags
Brand: Etsy - overlyconfusedspace
Color: Black
18.75 GBP
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This hound’s tooth Padded bag is perfect for protecting your precious glass bowls from the shattering reality of the floor. These zipper up so you can nestle your glass item perfecting inside & protected it from the oops factor that may be your life like it is mine. I don’t recommend dropping anything from high heights but it should survive from your regular human height… That is if you’re human? Either way mellow out, buy a bag & save your self that 60 bucks you told yourself you wouldn’t spend on another piece again. Bags rang from 8x4 inches & they are customizable. Larger bags are on the way so if needed please give me a shout & make it know that you guys wants that. Length 8 width 4 fashion fabric made from 100% cotton Zipper polyester & the lining is costume satin If you would like more details please message Hounds Tooth Black & White Padded Bag