Handpainted Children's Wooden Skittles Set

Handpainted Children's Wooden Skittles Set
Categories: Bowling, Accessories
Brand: Distinctive Designs
Size: One Size
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A gorgeous set of handpainted wooden skittles Would make a perfect gift for any child, whilst looking super cute these Wooden bowling pins are also a fun way to teach little ones the importance of turn taking, as well as helping your little one to work on balance, concentration and hand eye coordination.The wooden Pins are hand-painted using a certified non-toxic water based paint, and finished with a CE tested Toy safe Sealer. Each set will come with a cotton bag to store your lovely pins away whilst you are not playing with them. Our skittle sets come in arage of different colours or can be left completely natural Handturned from birch wood, and handpainted and sealed in toy safe paints and sealer. Wipe clean only do not soak in water.